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Full Time Positions

Director of Food Service and Housekeeping

REPORTS TO: Executive Director


Responsible for ordering all food and janitorial supplies. Supervise all dining hall and housekeeping employees. In charge of everything related to food service and housekeeping.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (Includes the following, but other duties may be assigned)

  • Plan and supervise all operations related to food service and housekeeping
  • Supervise all personnel related to food service & housekeeping, assign work hours, duties, and work areas. Turn in time cards for employees weekly to Office Manager.
  • Maintain systematic purchase and inventory procedures of supplies, food, and equipment. Turn all invoices and receipts in weekly to Office Manager.
  • Maintain a high level quality of food service and stay up to date on more efficient methods as related to food service.
  • Make sure all employees working in food service have a current food operators certificate posted in the kitchen area.
  • Stay up to date and follow all requirements from the Texas Dept. of Health Youth Camp licensing bureau.
  • Be aware and prepared for individuals who are in need of meal options due to dietary issues/allergies.
  • Maintain systematic purchase and inventory procedures of supplies and equipment for housekeeping operations.
  • Other duties as assigned by Camp Manager.


 Supervises the cooks, dishwashers, and housekeeping personnel. Also supervise part-time, seasonal workers, and summer staffers when they are serving in the dining hall or housekeeping.

Be ready to work weekends and long hours in the summer. This is not an 8-5 job, it is a calling to the ministry as we serve God’s people through Christian Camping, Conferences and Retreats.

Maintenance Support Staff

 REPORTS TO: Director of Maintenance 


Assist director of maintenance in any responsibilities listed below and other duties as assigned. 


  1. Fertilize grass 
  2. Maintain flower beds 
  3. Exterminate for bugs & rodents 
  4. Trim trees and mow “Mow, mow, mow and mow some more!” 
  5. Set up for incoming groups 
  6. Assist Director of Maintenance in all areas 

Competitive salary based on experience.